The Doodle Competition

Hi, my name is Addis. I’m the graphic designer here. So you're interested in doodling huh? Great! Let me tell you more about what we are doing with the doodle competition.

At the heart of The Youth Mag’s magazine design is the pattern that is the background of each article page. We like to call these patterns doodles. They have been done up to now by Wongel, our editor-in-chief. She likes to doodle in class. For the next issue, the 6th one, we are putting the doodles out for a competition!

We want to see the creativity you have! Don’t worry, doodling does not require a degree in fine arts. Just start at one end of the paper and you’ll see it come alive!

What is the award?

Besides having your doodle on the cover of the sixth issue, you recieve a prestigious and legendary award on the release event of the issue! It will be awesome. We promise :)

Simple Guidelines

  • Use clear white paper (the one without the lines).
  • It’s better if you use an A4 size or smaller paper
  • Try to use black pen
  • Have fun with it!

 Simple example

Doodle from the third issue

Doodle from the third issue

Again, this is just an example. Go crazy with yours. I just wanted to show you the contrast and all.


Send in a scan of your doodle to with the subject title: Doodle Competition.

The deadline is April 24! See you there :D


All ye doodlers, its thine time to shine.