Youth Mag History

We believe it’s the youth who can effectively reach the youth.

The Youth Mag (TYM) was started in Beza Youth in August, 2012. Nearly a year later since the work began, after so many ups and downs, yes and no’s, restarts and touch ups, and a lot of lessons learnt, the first issue of TYM was released on July, 2013. It was released at a special program which featured a panel discussion and different presentations.

The second issue of TYM was released on November, 2013. The theme of this issue was ‘Fire-Friday,’ based on the 45-minutes movie that was released with it – also fully prepared (written, directed, acted and produced) by youths. The short movie mainly focuses on the lives of five teenagers who are trying to find their purpose and meaning in life. It culminates on a Friday Night Fire event where they showcase their gifts and talents. You can watch the trailer here.

Third issue of TYM, the Africa Arise edition, was released on January, 2014 at the annual 4-day Africa Arise conference held at Beza International Church, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In this issue, several youths from all over Africa and the world shared their visions and dreams so as to inspire and motivate others to dream ridiculously big, believe God for it and work hard towards it.

TYM is a platform where the youth can share their testimonies, revelations and communicate with their peers, and also the parenting generation. It mainly comprises of personal articles that tell about the writer’s story, experiences and what he/she learned in their journey of life. This will help readers to relate with each other on a real level by showing that we are all going through, more or less, the same struggles. We hope that TYM will be a place where the youth can go to get strength and inspiration, and where parents can visit to better understand their children and the struggles they face.

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Meet the team!


Wongel Abebe, 22



Lotte Van't Klooster, 20

Graphics Designer


Makida Eshetu

Social Media Strategist


Collins Bwanga, 19


Betsega Tadesse, 21

Managing Editor


Nafkot Gebeyehu, 22

PR Officer


Yonatan Zenebe, 22 

Addismiraph Abebe, 20

Creative Director


Kebron Kelelaw, 22

TYM Representative in the US


William Zamundu, 20


Barouk Almaw, 23

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