What is YATC? 

Think’rs convention is an annual three-day intense brainstorming and idea-generating summit where African youth from different nations gather and give input. With the aim of making youth participants in the decision-making and solution finding for Africa’s way forward, YATC convenes young people from different parts of the continent. 

We aim to:

  • Make youth participants in the decision-making and solution finding for Africa’s way forward.
  • Utilize the untapped creativity of the youth to fuel the on-going transformation and realize the anticipated Africa.
  • Guarantee Africa able and strategic leaders, by birthing morally and ethically grounded young people who identify their personal calling within the national/continental vision.  


YATC 2016

'On  Agenda 2063'


“Opportunities are slim in Africa. I tried to start my own business but it failed in its early stages as a start-up. I tried to join in what my friends were doing but theirs didn’t make it either. Now my hope is to migrate to the western world, secure some job and earn good money for my family,”

– The African Youth

Such common stories in every African country paves the way for voluntary brain-drain to take place. This has left the cradle of civilization far behind in today’s world. A personal vision that does not plug into the direction of where a nation is going contributes negatively to it. This is because it is the collective mentality, vision and direction of individuals that determines the destiny of the nation as a whole.

Our leaders gathered in the AU, in Jan 2015, and put down Agenda 2063 – a comprehensive vision for the continent of Africa. The direction of the nation was laid out, aspirations stated and action plans set into motion. But we believe that until the youth of Africa know, capture and take on this vision, we risk not having a generation to receive the baton. However, to see our aspirations come to realization, we will need to ensure that Africa will fall into the hands of leaders who live in view of the great destiny envisioned, founded on carefully selected African values. As aspiration 5 says, we are longing for an Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics. It is when the youth of Africa become enlightened with the bigger vision of where their nation is going, while also equally equipped with sound moral values and ethics, that our true renaissance can become a reality. We guarantee Africa able and strategic leaders, when morally and ethically grounded young people begin to identify their personal calling within the national vision.

In Agenda 2063, Aspiration 6 states that it is the creativity, energy and innovation of Africa’s youth that will be the driving force behind the continent’s political, social, cultural and economic transformation. This, in conjunction with the aspirations in Aspiration 5, is what the Young African Think’rs convention aims to address. 

Recap of YATC 2016

Young African Think’rs Convention 2016 was held from August 10-12, 2016 at the AUC HQ through the partnership of Beza International Ministries and the AUC. It marked the AU’s celebration of the International Youth Day where outcomes of the convention were showcased and talents of young people were celebrated. With the aim of participating in the solution-finding for Africa’s way forward, over 120 young people from all the five regions of the continent gathered to deliberate on Agenda 2063 and their roles in bringing it to realization.

YATC, a convention made possible through the initiative and persistence of youth, was designed to challenge the norm by inspiring action through tangible projects and outcomes. In light of this, attendees were divided up into seven teams to address different aspects through which they could contribute in bringing about the envisioned Africa to reality. The seven thematic areas included the Educational Front, Business Front, Tech Front, Visual Arts, Entertainment Team, Politics Team and Debate Team. Specific challenges were given to each team and the outcomes were presented to an audience consisting of high-level AU officials. Please see them below.  

YATC 2016 Concept Note 

If you would like to read more on YATC 2016, please find here the concept note