What is YATC? 

Think’rs convention is an annual three-day intense brainstorming and idea-generating summit where African youth from different nations gather and give input. With the aim of making youth participants in the decision-making and solution finding for Africa’s way forward, YATC convenes young people from different parts of the continent. 

We aim to:

  • Make youth participants in the decision-making and solution finding for Africa’s way forward.
  • Utilize the untapped creativity of the youth to fuel the on-going transformation and realize the anticipated Africa.
  • Guarantee Africa able and strategic leaders, by birthing morally and ethically grounded young people who identify their personal calling within the national/continental vision.  

YATC 2017



The second annual continental convention commenced on the 9th to 12th of August 2017. Backed by Plan International PAO and Biola University, it gathered a hundred passionate and bright young minds from over 17 African countries. For four days, participants brainstormed, debated and resolved on six thematic areas that would input to the Ten Year Implementation Plan of Agenda 2063. 

We had a Tech-Team who conducted a Hackathon that carried out throughout the nights as well. This team came up with software solutions to serve Africa and the Union. One of the products they presented was a mobile and web app ‘Africa 2063’ that could serve as a knowledge sharing platform, creating ease to share the vision with the young population. They also presented ‘Survey Africa’ – a data collection system that utilizes basic technology to enable policy makers to access real data from even rural communities. 

A team discussing Human Resource came up with a project-based recruitment strategy for Pan-African organizations to realize the aspiration of ‘An Africa whose development is people driven.’ With the moto that character was more crucial than skill, the recruitment strategy they drafted would enable the continent to have a work force with a servant heart. 

A team on Pan-Africanism discussed how it could be translated to the younger generation, in relevance to the challenges we face today. As we strive for ‘An Africa united based on the ideals of Pan-Africanism’, this team has suggested that there is need for it to be revisited and defined in today’s perspective. Mentioning that it has become too political than it needs to be, the Think’rs in this team suggested that Pan-Africanism be spread as a belief system that Africans ought to have – one of solidarity, cooperation, hard work and love. 

A team on Communications discussed the communications strategy of Pan-African Organiations such as the African Union, as such organizations carry the image of the continent globally. Their outcome was a recommendation for the African Union titled AUCares

A team on Economics discussed the aspiration ‘An integrated contient, politically united…’ from the Agenda 2063. As the team interrogated the concept, they came up with the ‘Freedom Bus’ model – a recommendation that the main focus on the African Union should be economic integration, finding a binding mechanism for its operations in unifying the continent. This team believes that we should build on the existing work of the RECs towards building a united Africa.   

Finally, there was a team working on Finance. The team built on President Kagame’s F10 strategy to propose alternatives for financing Africa’s development. 

The outcomes were warmly welcomed by the high-level AU delegation that was present during presentations.

All outcome documents will be shortly made available.