All-Star Kingdom Women - Tsion Driba

It is happening. Everyone is taking about it. Some people want to be it while others are hustling to bring it forth. What is it??? It is change.

Change is nothing but a chain reaction of attitude leading to character and that character bringing results that will in turn be change. So in this session, I will focus more on attitude for I am convinced that it is the core ingredient and the fuel for All-Star Kingdom Women’s movement.

We all know the famous Deborah in the bible. She was known for her amazing leadership skill and bravery. Her special talent to resolve matters was on another level! She even held court under a palm tree. But one thing I really admire about Deborah is that she had her attitude right. In chapter five, verses seven of the book of Judges, which is part of her song, we hear her say, “Village life in Israel ceased, ceased until I, Deborah, arose; arose a mother in Israel.” Did you see that? Did you see the attitude and conviction in her?

She wasn’t being cocky; she was simply expressing her beliefs and her attitude towards her reality. She knew in her heart that village life could cease, but as long as she is there, it could not continue the same way. That is what I call an All-Star Kingdom woman. A woman with an attitude.

What is your attitude towards the reality around you? Are you saying I see poverty, prostitution, abuse, addiction and so on? Well, what can I do about it? OR are you saying I see this and that, but only until I arise? I believe the time has come for women of God to arise; arise with an attitude of “until I arise.” God is in the move of changing. It is up to you to catch up with Him because He just might pass you by.

So get your attitude ready, buckle up and let’s start the movement…