Struggles We all Go Through - Kebron Kelelaw

Ever find yourself doing something you know you will regret afterwards? No worries, it happens to pretty much everyone.

Sometimes we have certain people (friends) that manipulate us into doing something we don’t want to. We might do it just to seem cool or not be the odd one out. Or maybe we’re not even manipulated, we just can’t help ourselves but go with the flow.

Normally, after these kinds of incidents happen to me, I feel very ashamed and not worthy to even go to church, let alone sing on stage. I feel like I don’t deserve such a holy place where everyone else is glorified and I am only an embarrassment.

Well if you have those days too, I am pleased to let you know that what you felt was a complete lie! If salvation wasn’t by His grace, only God knows where I’d be.

This feeling of unworthiness is a challenge everyone goes through. And God knows about it. Here’s my piece of advice: don’t try to change yourself or the people around you. All you have to do is focus on God and your relationship with Him and slowly but surely things will start to take their places. Don’t ever think like you’re too messed up, too far away or simply beyond repair. God is never frustrated with you. There is absolutely nothing that can separate you from the love of God. Not even you. If we could have saved ourselves by work, there would’ve been no need for Jesus.

So during these times, running away or hiding will be no good. When you feel weak, take it as a chance to show how strong God is. God saved us from the law so that we don’t have to follow Him to be loved but rather because we’re loved. Knowing this is what will help during those tempting moments of weakness. Just remember, God can turn your world downside up as long as you trust Him and hand over your life; no matter how imperfect it is.