Fire Friday - Yodahe Abebe

Being a young person is definitely a cherish-able virtue – if it is a virtue at all.  However, the same things that make it love-able also make it dangerous. This fact makes it to be the most confusing time in one’s life. It is the time we start (yes, just start) looking at life from a more meaningful perspective. Thus it causes us to look for everything meaningful in it that we can relate to both physically and emotionally. 

But, we often forget (more like it is harder) to try to see it spiritually. What’s more sad about this is that we are fed with all kinds of “information” (more like propaganda), by the popular or major media outlets, to push us to NOT see it spiritually (to somehow push God out of the equation). And even if we do see it spiritually (as Christians), it would be for a certain period of time and usually for all the wrong reasons, religious reasons. We use Christianity, as ONE of the EYEGLASSES to view the world; rather than, as our very own eyes. What I meant by that is: we fail to realize that Christianity IS life. Yes, it’s not the life we are born into by natural birth, but born-again into by the saving work of Jesus Christ. 

Christianity is not only a life we live while at church or while others are watching. Rather it is what happens in our bedrooms, when we’re alone. What we say, do or think when no one is around. That’s why we say, “It’s not a religion; it’s a life-style.” It is not some sort of ceremony or ritual we undergo every Sunday but a daily, 24/7 mind-set. It is the total summation of our worldview. Yes, everything! It is what we live when at school, work, on the road…everywhere. 

Many times we forget this truth about Christianity that we (sometimes without knowing) make it a religion. And religion is dangerous. It’ll leave you more confused about life. It will leave you average, normal, mediocre. It makes you think that it’s just a way to go to Heaven. This is the very reason behind Fire-Friday: To cause the Youth to change its perception of Life by changing its perception of Christianity. I believe if someone truly understands this fundamental truth, it becomes easier to obey, love and have faith, and be excited with our life in Christ. Then, we ask, “So who am I according to God?” Now that is the most valid question. Because if we recognize God as the author of our life, we need to realize that he never creates something without a purpose. And he created you and I for something great. Therefore Christianity can be dubbed as your journey in life with God, figuring out his plans and manifesting them. Don’t you see the beauty of this? This means that it’s a RELATIONSHIP with God; a process of you understanding God and yourself - what he has put in you. Sounds rather weird, doesn’t it? But that is why you need to read the word of God: to understand how it works. 

Too many young people get very nervous and confused when they come to church. I am glad to say, I am not one of them. I am actually the most excited when I go to church because it just makes sense. The quest that I started earlier on to understand life has been fulfilled in Christ. The way to be a Christian is pretty easy: believing in the work of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and confessing it. However, WALKING or LIVING it is another matter. First you look for that unique talent or passion God has put within you. Then you give it back to God. As you keep walking, you figure out more and more. It is a process. You grow in it. 

Of course, this process is not the same for everyone. The film tries to convey this by showing different stories of different characters and culminates with the Friday-Night-Fire event (which is the inspiration for the project). 

I hope you enjoy it, but more importantly, understand it.