Identity - William Tshibassu Zamundu

We have all heard the story of the ugly duckling; that one duckling that did not have the gold fluorescent feathers and a bright orange beak. The rest rejected it just because it was different. Through out his life, he was continuously pushed away by other animals he crossed paths with. In the end, it was revealed that this duckling was actually a misplaced egg, that truly, he was a majestic swan.He then took his rightful place amidst the most adored birds of the sky. 

We are usually taught that all the animals he crossed paths with were mean and racist. But we can look at it from a different angle; I believe the reason he was rejected was because during his whole life he was trying to be what he was not. He saw the ducks and admired their beauty. He wanted to be just like them. But when he looked into the mirror, all he saw was an ugly misfit. Had he realized that he was actually a swan, he wouldn’t go through all the hate and rejection. Its simple, had he known his true identity from the beginning, all would have been fine. 

I truly believe that this is the issue with us youth today. When we see others do what they’re called for, it seems pleasing to us and so we try to do exactly what they are doing. That’s like forcing on cloth that will never fit. We fight hard at the wrong battles to only waste our time doing what is clearly not meant for us. We spend our emotions and energy on the wrong things by lying to ourselves, and more significantly, hurting ourselves. 

I’ve always looked up to my older brothers. They are great artists, one is even famous in the U.S. I always believed that I had to follow in their footsteps and was supposed to do what they did. I spent so much of my time and energy trying to replicate their works but I was never satisfied with the outcome. Until one day I gave it up and said, “Lord, all I want to do is serve you and the medium of how I am going to do that is up to you. Lead me.” That prayer right there changed my life. I started excelling in everything I did because I had let God take the lead. I no longer tried to force my calling or destiny. 

We all have a gift, a potential. The lord knows what it is because He custom made us for it. We must not go anywhere else looking for our identity. It wouldn’t make sense. The manual cannot be found anywhere but with the maker. On our own, we’re lost, we try to fit ourselves in places that we like but don’t belong. We should let God take the wheel. Then the opportunities will come and ideas will flood our minds. All we have to do is listen to Him, obey and follow.

God has blessed you with gifts that are not to be taken lightly. You have to use it all to praise and glorify His name. I knew a lady who worked as a tour guide for a company. Whenever she explained anything to a tourist, she always included the word of God. She made sure that the tourists left with more than mere information but rather knowledge about the creator of all things. God can use anything for His purpose. Be willing and ready yourself for Him to manifest through you. 

Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself failing at what your brother might excel. Just like that duckling, you just have to find who you are, your identity. Look to God to reveal that to you. When you start viewing you’re self the way God does, only then will you live to the fullest.