Youth on the Road to Destiny - Misael Milkias

They say "every generation needs a new revolution." If that is so, every revolution needs a leader. It's also said that the youth of Africa are the leaders of tomorrow. We believe that now is the time for a revolution of change in Africa. We believe that the next 50 years will be a time where Africa will reach its God given destiny. But considering where we are now and what we are striving to achieve in the next 50 years, it is clear we are going to need a sudden and momentous way of bringing change; we need a revolution. 

For Africa to start the revolution of change, Africa needs a new breed of leaders to lead the revolution. This is where the youth come in. Leaders are not born, they are made. We need to be intentional in producing them. David wasn't born a leader or a warrior. But he was made into one in a desert with a few sheep; same with Moses. We need to intentionally build the competence of Africa's biggest resource; its youth. They will need to be planted on solid kingdom values and also given the opportunity to exercise their God-given talents and leadership skills. We will need to expose them to resources that will enhance their dreams and their passion. They will need "little sheep" like David and Moses to grow with and develop their leadership skills. Finally, we need to produce a generation that feels the weight of the responsibility it carries. 

So on the road to destiny, mobilizing the youth around the promise of a better future is our God-given obligation and deep responsibility. The youth we culture today in the fear of the Lord are leaders of tomorrow, who with confidence exercise the kind of constructive creativity that will bring revolutionary progress to the continent.

African leaders can inspire confidence in their people, encouraging them to take extraordinary brave actions that will usher in a new day. This will celebrate the great potential that the youth has for moral, spiritual and social development. This demands a higher level of "possibility thinking" from the African leadership. Ahead of us lies a big opportunity to change the fate of our beloved continent. But we must keep in mind that change happens when opportunity meets preparation. And when we prepare our future leaders today in view of tomorrow's opportunity, I believe that change is inevitable.