The Prince and His Princess - Kuki Geleta

This is the story of how I fell in love. 

When I was little, as most others, I frequented those Disney movies. The love stories just took my heart away. I couldn’t wait until I met my prince: that handsome man with a horse; he would come rescue me and we’d live happily ever after in our big castle. Unfortunately, Disney did me wrong. As I grew up, I saw how life really was. I started to give up on this mysterious prince who would come to find me. Everything that I saw and heard about didn’t only take my hopes away but also left me damaged, scarred,  unable to trust or love, afraid to open up or say what I feel. It was very ugly, painful. My heart could bare it no longer.

In a faraway land, in a farther away time, there lived a king who had a son. They lived in a totally different world than mine. Their land was filled with joy, peace and abundant love. All the people of the land loved their king. But then one day, one of the king’s servants decided to rebel. He turned the people of the land against the king. They went out of control and destroyed everything the king had ever given them. They didn’t last long. Soon, that jealous servant made the people of the land his prisoners.

The prince saw this and was very sad. He asked his father, “I want to go fight for them and bring them back.” So the king sent his son to the people of the land. The prince fought for his people because even though they revolted against his father, he still loved them so much. He went through a great war to gain them back. He even died for a bit while fighting for them. But then he won. He freed his people, delivered them from slavery and restored their free will. But only a few chose to go back with the prince; the rest stayed as prisoners. This made the prince very sad; it broke his heart to see his loved ones still imprisoned. 

I was one of those who chose to go with the prince. He became my prince. I had been waiting all my life to find this prince. He loved me so much, rescued me from a horrible situation and invited me to live in the biggest castle with him. The story didn’t even stop there! He not only made me his beloved princess, but also showed and taught me how to live like a beloved princess. Ever since that day he rescued me, He’s been shaping and molding me. Knowing me and my past, I was not an easy task. Boy did I give him a hard time! I was bitter, guarded and didn’t want to let him in. I pushed him away when he showed me love. I was scared. But that’s when I saw his true nature, who he really is and how he loves; unconditionally.  He was not disgusted or frustrated by me. In fact, I was disgusted and frustrated by me. But his love always out ran everything I did. 

This love over took me. Before I knew it, I started to change and built all my life around him. He became my world, my passion, my inspiration, the reason I wake up every day and the reason I smiled. His love became the source of my new-found joy, peace and hope. Then I suddenly realized, I was utterly and unbelievably in love with him. I saw myself through his eyes. Oddly enough, I saw him in me. He rubbed off on me. I started doing things as he would. My relationship with my parents, family and friends started to better. My behavior around the house started changing. Everything started going right for the first time in my life.  

That little girl who had given up on her dream of knowing a love so deep, being loved and loving back, finally found it. I still can’t believe that such a love exists; a love that erased all my past and gave me a bright future. Seeing life through his eyes, it all makes sense now. And even if I could search eternity, I wouldn’t find the beginning or end to this love. So on this journey of life, I will try to see as much as I can, receive as much as possible and share just as much. This love transforms, heals and renews. This love is just so great and amazing. I am after this love. I am after my prince’s heart. I am the Kuki after God’s own heart.

This is to all the girls out there who have been told ‘It is just a fairytale,’ ‘a Hollywood story,’ ‘it doesn’t exist,’ ‘you’re not worthy of that kind of love’ or for those of you who have been discouraged by the relationships around you or the relationships you were in. I am a living proof that it does exist. This love is calling out to you right now, it wants to rescue you, heal you, renew you and give you the desires of your heart.

If you have taken the pen out of your prince’s hand, put it in your own and tried to write your story, then you need to give it back to the author of life, Jesus. He will surprise you. He will not disappoint you, nor let you down. He has your best interest in mind at all times, even in the times you doubt him. Stop resisting and pushing him away. Let this love overtake you. Don’t let your past hold you back.