Purpose 101 - Kebron Kelelaw

What school am I going to go to? What am I going to study? Or even how am I going to change the world? I don’t know about you but these questions sure have been nagging on my mind, screaming for attention. 

What is purpose?

Purpose is the objective towards what one strives or the reason of something’s existence. 

Everything in this world has a specific purpose. A car’s purpose is to take a person from one place to another and a refrigerator’s is to keep certain types of foods cool. By achieving their purposes, both of these objects make the human life easier. While making the human life easier is the general purpose of both objects, they do it in their own different ways. 

In the same manner, creation has a sole general purpose. That is to exalt and worship our God. Pastor Steve from Calvary Church had preached about the beauty and awesomeness of creation’s worship; how the crickets actually emit beautiful songs and everything around us is worshiping Him. But just like the car and refrigerator, (sorry about the poor reference), we are all made uniquely. We have to find our own places and way to achieve this goal. 

If what you are looking for in life is good money and comfortable lifestyle, I’m afraid the point I’m trying to make will be meaningless to you. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with both of them. But they are an aftermath, a by-product or a bonus perhaps after achieving your goals. In all honesty, I think most of us already know what we are meant to do. We know that we want to be that music producer, that actor, that soccer player, that doctor and that engineer. We know our calling but our culture, family, society, our comfortable zone and laziness are holding us back. Sometimes, also in my case I might add, it’s the greatness of our vision and purpose itself that drives us away. Afraid that it is just too big of a dream; that it’s not going to work out, we try to persuade ourselves that taking the safer road will ultimately guarantee us an okay life. Well, someone once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your dreams”. No matter how big you think your dreams are they’re too small for him. Plus, mediocre never makes an impact, extraordinary does. 

In conclusion, what you have to realize is that you achieving your purpose goes beyond yourself. By achieving your purpose you shed light to others and inspire them. Your vision is not only about yourself. It is a big responsibility for the generation. So don’t give up on your purpose, because the achievement of someone else’s might rely on it.