The Beat of new Africa

By: Jede Umulisa, Rwanda


The Beat of new Africa, An Africa of hope, 

Africa on the move

Africa of a new Generation, hit by sorrow, sword but stood

Firm, a generation whose dreams almost sunk in the sea 

of discouragement, but Saved by a sailor, 

who sang a song of courage and bravura

Said I can hear shouts of joy, 

No more wars, no more sorrow, no more tears 

Only tambourines of festivities….

I can hear the beat of a new Africa 

Where children smile and have a hope for the future 

And youth’s dreams come true 

I can hear the beat of a new Africa …

A rise of a generation on the move 

A generation that lived in complexity but smiles with simplicity

I can hear the beat of a new Africa…..

An Africa not called third world, an Africa of Hope

Africa, Arise and Shine.