God is Love - Melvin Nderitu Gichuri

Does being a “Christian” mean I have to be perfect? Why do I still make mistakes? What is the whole point of being a Christian? Why are there so many rules? Wouldn’t that just make it easier to break them? These are just a few of the questions I’ve been asking myself for a while.

The answer to all of them, directly or not, is simple: love and relationship. Christianity is not a religion, because Christianity is not based on performance and actions to acquire eternal life, God’s favor or His love. Christianity is not about how much you pray or read the bible. It is not by giving the most or always doing the right thing that you are a Christian. Although these things are necessary, they are not the basis on which to qualify as one. We should do them because we are loved, and because we want to strengthen that relationship we have with Him. It is all about love and relationship.

Sin robbed man of his relationship with his Creator. It disconnected the fellowship between God and man. To restore this relationship, God sent His one and only son to die on the cross to undo man’s death and punishment. He replaced our carnal with a spirit that operates on His love. Not only did God give His own son, but He also gave us everything that pertains to life and Godliness.

I realized that my relationship with God was not based on my performance and good works; it’s not conditional but everlasting. It is wholly based on the unending love shown to me by God. God is perfect yet He is found in us. This love provides everything you need: grace, strength, motivation, and the freedom to strive for and attain perfection in everything we do. We mustn’t forget that it’s not because we earned it, but because of the price He paid.

Our relationship with God is thoroughly life changing. It helps us to see ourselves the way He does: a person of character and great merit. It is the ultimate relationship from which we draw love and inspiration from to aid our other relationships and interactions.

God is love. By dying on the cross, He extended His hands towards us so we would reach out also and hold on tight. The least we can do is to receive it and say, “I love you” back.